Insure Protective Security

IPS cut its data collection and management time by 66% and gained "eyes on the ground" with real-time incident reporting at every location where it provides security services.

Insure Protective Security is a California security protection firm that provides armed and unarmed security officers for locations as varied as office buildings, clubs and bars, shopping centers and gated communities. IPS takes pride in providing some of the best-trained and most professionally-staffed commercial security and patrol services in California.

The Data Collection Problem

IPS normally provides private security at locations where security guards are on their feet and away from desks. If IPS' security guards witnessed accidents or other security/safety incidents, they would need to report details of the incident. But IPS did not have an easy way for guards to send - and supervisors to receive/manage - incident reports in a timely fashion. Security guards would either call, text, or email reports, or fill out paper forms with incident details.

IPS also wanted end-of-shift reports at some locations even if no incidents occurred during a particular shift. But there was no simple way to manage this process either.

This created a serious data collection and management headache for Farhad Bajawory, Chief Operating Officer of IPS, with so many different and inconsistent channels through which he would receive information. Farhad needed a data collection solution to capture exactly the information IPS needed, in consistent formats. He wanted the ability to easily review and analyze reports, and store them in case of any later legal proceedings. Farhad turned to Zenput so that he could create custom report forms and send them to the smartphones already in his security guards' pockets.

The Solution

Farhad quickly created incident report forms and daily report forms using Zenput's intuitive drag-and-drop mobile form builder. He sent the mobile forms to his security guards' iPhone and Android devices. If an incident occurred at, for example, a nightclub where IPS provided security, the guards could include written data and take photos and videos at the scene.

After capturing all the relevant information, the security officers could then instantly send the completed mobile forms. If there was no phone reception, the data would be safely stored and sent the next time the app was launched.

As Farhad explained "With Zenput, we can capture an unparalleled level of information. Zenput has cut by at least 66% the amount of time it takes to organize and manage all this data." With quicker access to more detailed information, Zenput allows IPS to understand what is occurring at different locations at the same time. "Zenput gives me eyes and ears on the ground. The ability to instantly receive reports with photos and detailed descriptions is invaluable for our industry."

Results from Using Zenput

  • Time Saved
    IPS' time taken to collect and manage data has been reduced by over 66%.
  • New Insight
    The ability to instantly receive photos, videos and real-time data reports from every location has substantially improved IPS' operational efficiency.
“With Zenput, we can capture an unparalleled level of information. Zenput has cut at least 66% the amount of time it takes to organize and manage all this data.”

Farhad Bajawory