Summerhill used Zenput's mobile data collection tools to survey over 1,800 stores in 5 days, and cut the time to analyze submissions and prepare reports from 2 weeks to less than a day.

Summerhill Group is a leading energy efficiency and stewardship company that specializes in consumer engagement. Summerhill works with industry, business, government, associations and NGOs - it prides itself on its double bottom line: making a significant business and environmental impact.

Getting Visibility Into Thousands of Locations

A leading utility company contracted Summerhill to visit small businesses in a major metropolitan area to interview managers and owners about an energy efficiency program. Summerhill's objectives were to increase awareness of the client's program and to ask business owners to place the program's decal sticker in their shop windows. Tight timelines and an aggressive engagement target meant it was crucial for Summerhill to follow the program's progress in real-time.

Summerhill's Account Director, Ethan Zon, needed to know where employees had conducted surveys and what discussions had taken place at each location. Also, if the business let Summerhill put the decal in its window, Ethan wanted a photo of the decal being displayed in that store to validate the business' participation.

Managing and analyzing thousands of submitted forms to prepare summary reports for his client would have been a labor- and time-consuming process without a full-featured data collection solution.

Ethan decided to use Zenput to deploy custom mobile forms to the smartphones Summerhill's workers already had in their pockets.

The Solution

Ethan was able to easily create the mobile data collection forms he needed with Zenput's intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Ethan sent the custom forms instantly to the smartphones of his workers who could quickly record all the information Summerhill needed, with photos automatically appearing in the forms themselves.

Workers could send the data as soon as they completed the mobile survey forms. If there was no cell signal or WiFi at a particular location, the data was stored and sent the next time the app was launched.

Because all reports were geo-tagged, Summerhill could easily see on a map within Zenput's dashboard where workers had conducted surveys and collected data.

Most importantly for Ethan, the data was automatically collected, organized and ready to be analyzed in Zenput's dashboard. Summerhill's time could be spent focusing on presenting results to its clients, rather than spending literally weeks organizing data collection forms and entering data into spreadsheets.

Results from Using Zenput

  • Time Saved
    Summerhill's time to analyze data and create client reports was reduced by 80-90%: from 1-2 weeks to less than a day.
  • Instant Visibility
    Summerhill could present its client real-time views of how the campaign was progressing, with maps of where surveys were taking place and photos of how the decals looked in each window
  • Simplicity of Use
    Ethan could create custom forms in minutes and deploy them to his employees' smartphones with the click of a button. As Ethan concluded, "Zenput let us focus on analysis and execution rather than the process of capturing and managing mobile data."
“With Zenput, we collected data from over 1,800 stores in less than a week. We could review submissions in real-time and prepare reports very easily. Zenput lets us focus on analysis and execution rather than the process of capturing and managing mobile data.”

Ethan Zon
Account Director