Welch ATM

Welch had to install ATMs in 2,900 national pharmacies. Every installation had to meet Welch's and the national pharmacy chain's specifications. By using Zenput, Welch cut its data collection, reporting and analysis time by more than 80%, saving thousands of man-hours.

Welch ATM is one of the largest ATM companies in the U.S., managing over 20,000 machines nationwide. 40 years after being founded in Peoria, Ill., Welch still prides itself on customer service - to its clients (on whose property Welch places ATMs) and also to the consumers who use those ATMs every day.

The Data Collection Problem

Over the years, Welch's operations have grown substantially. When Welch recently signed a new contract to install 2,900 ATMs across the country, the company faced a large data collection problem.

Lori Forsythe, Welch's project manager, needed to manage and track all the data associated with surveying and installing ATMs in each pharmacy. Contractors had to send technical data and photos of the proposed ATM location in each store, which needed to be reviewed both by Lori and the national pharmacy chain. Previously, workers on site would send reports via email with attachments. Lori would then enter everything manually into spreadsheets. This process would not work when Welch was receiving 50 detailed reports and 150 photos each day.

Welch's management realized they would either have to dedicate one or two employees full-time just to managing this data, or find a software-based solution to handle the data. Welch's Dennis Meixsell decided to use Zenput to deploy custom mobile forms to the smartphones Welch's workers already had in their pockets. Beyond ease of use, Dennis wanted a partner like Zenput that "made it clear we owned our own data" and provided a "good back-end to access and analyze the forms submitted."

The Solution

Welch created custom forms with Zenput's intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Dennis then sent those customized forms instantly to the smartphones of hundreds of Welch workers across the country. When those workers entered the pharmacies, they could quickly record all the information in the format Welch needed, with photos automatically appearing next to the corresponding data fields.

Workers could send the data as soon as they completed the mobile forms. If there was no phone reception in the store, the data would be safely stored and sent the next time the app was launched.

More important for Welch, Zenput's reporting and dashboard features enabled Lori to access and use the data in exactly the format needed. Lori no longer had to manually enter emails into spreadsheets and figure out which photos related to which locations. Zenput enabled Welch's team to spend their time analyzing the data and making business decisions rather than laboriously processing it.

Results from Using Zenput

  • Time Saved
    The time taken to collect and analyze data was reduced by over 80% from 1 hour to less than 10 minutes
  • Cost Saved
    Welch avoided having to re-deploy or hire an additional 1 to 2 full-time employees to process all the incoming data. Zenput enabled Welch to avoid all these manpower costs altogether
  • Simplicity of Use
    Dennis was able to create custom forms with Zenput in minutes and deploy them to his entire workforce with the click of a button. Lori was able to receive the incoming data from each store the moment it arrived. A process that took hours and contained numerous inefficiencies has become, in Dennis' words "a life-saver."
“Without Zenput, we would have needed to hire several additional employees to manage the data and photos workers were sending from across the country. Zenput let us focus on analyzing data and making decisions, rather than the manual process of collecting, sorting and entering that data into spreadsheets.”

Lori Forsythe
Project Manager
Welch ATM

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