Welch ATM, now part of Cardtronics, Cut Its Data Collection, Reporting and Analysis Time by More Than 80%.

Welch used Zenput during its installation of ATMs in 2,900 Rite Aid stores and saved thousands of man-hours.

Welch ATM Case Study

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“Without Zenput, we would have needed to hire several additional employees to manage the data and photos workers were sending from across the country. Zenput let us focus on analyzing data and making decisions, rather than the manual process of collecting, sorting and entering that data into spreadsheets.” Lori Forsythe Project Manager
Welch ATM

Zenput Features

  • Work offline and sync later if working remotely
  • Track where, when, and who is completing work
  • View history of all activity
  • Build custom reports
  • Deliver notifications in real-time
  • Image and video capture
  • Barcode and QR code input
  • Signature field
  • GPS location data and mapping with timestamp
  • Available on iOS, Android, and mobile web

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