Retail Merchandise Planning Form

Merchandise Planning Form

Zenput allows you to make quicker and better decisions about merchandise in your retail stores. The way Zenput works, is that you create mobile forms for your team to fill out at the store locations. As they go through answering your questions and snapping photos, you are updated with this data in real-time. This gives you instant visibility into your stores and allows you to quickly make key decisions about merchandising.

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Zenput Features

  • Work offline and sync later if working remotely
  • Track where, when, and who is completing work
  • View history of all activity
  • Build custom reports
  • Deliver notifications in real-time
  • BlueTherm® Bluetooth Probe Integration
  • Image and video capture
  • Barcode and QR code input
  • Signature field
  • GPS location data and mapping with timestamp
  • Available on iOS, Android, and mobile web