Top-30 Convenience Store Owner Alon Brands to Deploy Zenput for Mobile Task Management

Nation’s largest 7-Eleven franchisee will use Zenput mobile operations management app to streamline tasks, keep pace in fast-moving market

SAN FRANCISCO – October 8, 2015 – Zenput, a leader in mobile operations management for retail, convenience stores and restaurants, today announced that the largest 7-Eleven franchisee in the United States is adopting its mobile app. Alon Brands will deploy the Zenput platform to automatically assign tasks and centralize auditing functions for more than 400 users across 300 convenience stores in Texas and New Mexico.

Zenput will replace manual processes in Alon stores, where managers have previously relied on spreadsheets, emails and paperwork to conduct operational and retail merchandising audits. By automatically routing exceptions on retail execution, verifying in-store campaigns and managing other tasks, Zenput will let Alon Brands increase its speed of response to in-store needs to match the fast-pace of the convenience store market and grow its bottom line revenues.

Large convenience store chains and franchise owners have long faced a challenge in keeping stores stocked and brand promotions up to date without overwhelming managers with manual processes or struggling to maintain oversight of locations that might be hundreds of miles away from company headquarters. In a fast-paced market where popular inventory moves off the shelves quickly and timely brand promotions can significantly affect sales, Zenput’s mobile app gives companies like Alon Brands the means to flatten their organizations and reduce the time and labor involved in cross-company task management from weeks to just hours.

“We’re looking closely at how to use technology to increase the speed of execution at our stores, and we knew we needed a mobile-driven task management tool that could scale to accommodate an enterprise of our size,” said Jonathan Ketchum, senior vice president of retail at Alon Brands. “Zenput gives us the speed of response we needed. Now we can centralize our auditing functions and quickly see which stores are on target for a wide variety of tasks.”

Alon Brands’ selection of Zenput comes on the heels of the company’s rollout of new task-management capabilities for its mobile solution. The Zenput platform now enables some of the largest convenience store chains in the country – as well as retailers, restaurants and consumer packaged goods companies – to streamline task assignments and workforce project management. Customers can track campaign completion across hundreds of locations and auto-generate new tasks, all to support the goals of providing consistent customer experiences and driving revenue.

“Convenience store chains and large franchisees see the ROI that comes with mobile platforms, and there is a drive underway in this market to adopt this technology,” said Vladik Rikhter, CEO and co-founder of Zenput. “By putting Zenput into the hands of its store managers, Alon Brands is ensuring it will not only increase its response time, but also uncover revenue opportunities to grow its business and maintain advantage in a competitive market.”

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