Analytics and Reporting

Making Data Meaningful

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The dashboard gives management a general overview of their stores’ task activity, project progress, and recent activity.

My Team

Keep your team on track with a filtered dashboard -- Only see the activity that is important to you.




Create Custom Reports and Alerts

Build and view custom reports to dig into data for specific forms, tasks, projects, or stores.

Report Details and Gallery

See a summary of all submissions, a detailed table of all submissions, and a gallery of all photos and videos.

Alerts and Tasks

When a field submission meets certain criteria (i.e a broken window), an alert is generated and a task is assigned to the appropriate employees to resolve the issue. Managers and administrators can track all tasks to ensure they are completed.

Time, User, Team, and Store Comparison

Compare teams to each other, stores’ performance to that of other stores, and a store, user, or teams’ performance during one time period to other time periods.

Exporting Data

All data in Zenput can be exported into Microsoft Excel or PDF files, or emailed to the appropriate people. With Zenput’s API integration, data can also be integrated with third party analytics platforms.

Core Features

Native iOS, Android, Windows App

Also runs on a mobile web browser.

Background Uploading

Mobile app is optimized for increased productivity.

Offline Support

Data automatically syncs once online.

Analytics & Reporting

Advanced out of the box analytics and custom report generation.

Geotagged Submissions

Track who, where, and when users are completing tasks.


View history of all activity.

Real-Time Notifications

Email & push notifications based on performance or defined threshold.

Submission History

View previous submissions while in the field.


User submitted images and video support.

GPS & Timestamp

Verify submissions are completed where and when they are supposed to.

Advanced Fields

Barcode, QR code, & Signature Fields.