Insights and Analysis to Help Optimize Merchandising

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Track and Optimize

Tracking Availability

Inventory counts give management the ability to track on-shelf availability in stores.

Optimizing Availability

With greater insight into product availability and the ability to report out-of-stock (OOS) products and low inventory, management has the capacity to optimize product inventory and restocking procedures.

Data Analysis

Merge product information from Zenput with data from other systems (POS, delivery, etc...) to get a more holistic view of operations.

UPC Scanner

UPC’s can be scanned in and automatically converted to product numbers, which are then input into the system.

Core Features

Native iOS, Android, Windows App

Also runs on a mobile web browser.

Background Uploading

Mobile app is optimized for increased productivity.

Offline Support

Data automatically syncs once online.

Analytics & Reporting

Advanced out of the box analytics and custom report generation.

Geotagged Submissions

Track who, where, and when users are completing tasks.


View history of all activity.

Real-Time Notifications

Email & push notifications based on performance or defined threshold.

Submission History

View previous submissions while in the field.


User submitted images and video support.

GPS & Timestamp

Verify submissions are completed where and when they are supposed to.

Advanced Fields

Barcode, QR code, & Signature Fields.