Store Profile

Tracking. Accountability. Improvement.

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With better store insights, field managers can track performance, identify trends, uncover areas for improvement, and make proactive changes to improve their stores.

Store-Specific Analytics & Reporting

Create tasks

Track Progress

With Store Profiles, management can track the progress of each store’s work and identify strong performers, as well as stores that need improvement.

Automated Reports

Management receive automated email reports summarizing store performance, how a store compares to others in the company, and whether performance is improving or worsening.


Track how each store is performing on specific audits or forms, and whether the store’s performance is improving or declining over time.

Track Store Performance on The Go

Mobile Dashboard

While out in the field or at a store, management can pull up a store’s performance on their mobile devices. These performance metrics include task completion rates, recent submissions, and the progress of recurring work.

Historical Performance

Managers can also analyze historical submissions on their mobile devices to identify trends and uncover areas for improvement.