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  • Brand Audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Compliance Audit
Audit Report

Uncovering Exceptions

Store-level and field employees fill out monthly, quarterly, or annual audits at their stores in order to find exceptions and quickly resolve them.


Audits have scorecarding capabilities that automatically calculate store performance scores and immediately notify the appropriate person(s) if the score is unsatisfactory.

Tracking Progress

Operations management can track the progress and activity of all their stores’ audits in real-time.


  • Food Safety Inspection
  • Compliance Check Inspection
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Gas Pump Safety Inspection
  • Product Inspection

Uncovering Lapses

Store-level and field employees perform periodic inspections of their stores to uncover safety or quality lapses.

Adhering to Standards and Expectations

Accurate and timely inspections help ensure strict adherence to brand, product, and company standards.

Maintaining Safety and Satisfaction

Regularly inspecting stores is crucial in maintaining food & employee safety, as well as customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Inspection


  • Opening/Closing Checklist
  • Daily Checklist
  • Cash Audits
  • Shift Change Checklist
  • Emergency Checklist
Closing Checklist

Daily Routine Tasks

Store-level and field employees fill out daily recurring checklists at their stores.

Notification Reminders

Mobile push notifications, text messages, and emails can be automatically sent to employees when they have to complete a checklist.

Tracking Completion

Managers can see where checklists were completed and where they weren’t to ensure all daily checklists are being completed at every store.


  • Employee Incident Report
  • Customer Incident Report
  • Burglary Report
  • Damage Report
  • Customer Complaint Report

Addressing Unforeseen Issues

Used for incident or damage reports, complaints, or for any other unforeseen issues. When an issue arises, the appropriate employee(s) are notified.


Photos and videos can be included with reports, which provide key documentation for management and other stakeholders to access.

Quick Response to Issues

This drastically reduces the time a serious issue goes unfixed and eliminates the need for emailing, texting, and calling different people in the organization.

employee incident report


  • Human Resources Forms
  • Equipment & Supplies Order Form
  • New Employee Form
  • Maintenance Request Form
Maintenance Request Form

Immediate Access

Non-recurring but standardized templates like Human Resources (HR) forms, special order forms, etc… can be accessed by field employees within seconds.

Centralized Control

With every form on a single platform, it is quick and easy for managers to find the right forms and send them out to the appropriate users. This streamlines the process of sending out, completing, and accessing submitted forms.