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The Operations Solution for Up and Down the Management Ladder


Chief Operating Officer

Empowering COO’s to make well grounded operating decisions.

  • Get detailed reporting on the most vital operational data to optimize operations
  • Spend less time micromanaging and more time making important strategic decisions
  • Drive data-based conversations with your employees
VP Marketing

VP of Marketing

Providing marketing executives the resources they need to run successful campaigns.

  • Access vital data about your marketing campaigns
  • View photos to document signage, pricing, promotions, etc.
  • Gain insight into store-level data so you can make appropriate and informed strategic marketing decisions
Regional manager

Regional Manager

Transforming the complex responsibilities of a regional manager into a streamlined process.

  • Streamlining the process of tracking the tasks of store-level supervisors and employees
  • Capability to instantly assign tasks to store employees and track their progress to ensure completion
  • Ability to immediately report issues to senior management, seamlessly and efficiently
Store Manager

Store Manager

Giving store managers the ability to gather store information and report to superiors quickly and efficiently.

  • Receive regular notifications about tasks that need to be completed at a store
  • Get quick access to a list of everything that needs to be done at a location
  • Track which employees are completing tasks and when they are completing them