About Us

John and Vladik started working on Zenput in late 2012. The idea was simple, to get rid of paper and spreadsheets while you were away from the office. Most of us carry around a mobile phone or tablet, so collecting data on the go shouldn't require additional hardware or software that isn't optimized for our mobile work. The beauty of it comes through on the back end for managers to see back in the office, as all data is now easily readable and simple to digest for crucial business decisions.

We're now a small and growing team based right in the heart of San Francisco. We come from all parts of the country and even a few countries overseas. All of us have one goal in common, to get you crucial insight to your business as fast as you can click 'submit'.

Vladik Rikhter
Founder & CEO
Vladik has over seven years of operational & business development roles in B2B technology companies. He's participated in raising over $50M of venture funding. Helped to grow Current Energy from a few employees to over a hundred as well as leading international acquisitions. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering.

John Clarke Mills
Founder & CTO
John has been writing software since he was 8 years old. After studying Computer Information Systems at Champlain College, he started his career at CNET (now owned by CBS) where he rebuilt mySimon.com and increased revenue 10x through SEO and API partnerships. He moved onto join Radar Networks, an early stage startup in big data, building the Semantic Web for consumers. After that, it was onto two different B2B companies. The first was Transpond, acquired by Webtrends, was a platform that allowed deployment of forms and applications across mobile and social networks. The second was Buyer's Best Friend, a B2B marketplace for the artisanal wholesale trade which has now spread into retail.

Shawn LoBosco
Director of Architecture
"Bosco" draws on over ten years of professional experience in software engineering, specializing in software/web applications, database development and quality assurance. He has gained a valuable, circumspect perspective from his experience in a wide breadth of industries, ranging from writing accounting software for top Legal Firms to designing and developing software for leading companies in the renewable Bio-tech industry, such as Amyris. Bosco received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a concentration on Database Concepts from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dustin Lyons
Lead Engineer
Dustin started writing software as a kid fascinated with the Apple IIe. Previously, he worked for Xerox writing large scale enterprise software to facilitate global data entry process, and The Learning House, an online education provider where he was principal architect responsible for leading and setting technical direction on new products. Dustin received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Louisville.

David Watkins
Software Engineer
David has held a passion for technology for most of his life. He graduated from Champlain College in Burlington, VT with the Class of '13, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology and a minor in Web Development. Some of David's projects include Rescroller for Chrome, a shuttle-tracking app for Android, a prototype for a housing registration web app, and various freelance web development work. In late 2013, David moved to San Francisco to join the Zenput team as a junior software engineer. Outside of technology, some of David's hobbies include playing guitar, singing, and video editing.

Akash Agarwal
GVP Enterprise Mobile, SAP
Akash Agarwal is a veteran business executive in high technology with over 20 years experience spanning general management, marketing, product development, strategy, and sales. Akash's experience is in the mobile, enterprise and consumer Internet, at both small and large companies. Akash has been an entrepreneur, founding and running several venture-backed Internet startups, and in management at HP (via Mercury acquisition) and Oracle Corporation. He holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Computer Science (with honors) from the University of Kent at Canterbury, England.

Richard White
Founder, UserVoice
Richard White is a Co-founder and the CEO of UserVoice, where he focuses on making sexy products for un-sexy markets like customer service. Prior to UserVoice, Richard was the lead designer on Kiko.com, a Y-Combinator-funded Calendaring product that drew praise for its clean design, which was sold on eBay for $258K. After Kiko, Richard founded SlimTimer, simple time tracking for freelancers, where he experimented with name-your-own-price Freemium models.