How Chipotle Improves Operational Consistency in Every Store

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Oct 28, 2019

With over 2,600 locations, a beloved global brand, and millions of customers served every year, Chipotle recognizes the importance of creating consistent customer experiences at every one of their locations. Scott Boatwright, Chief Restaurant Officer of Chipotle, knew that in order to ensure consistency, above-restaurant leaders needed a better way to objectively evaluate their restaurants and create action plans to improve operations overall.

The company partnered with Zenput to formalize its restaurant evaluation process in a digital ecosystem that could scale across thousands of locations. With Zenput’s robust reporting capabilities, Chipotle’s above-restaurant leaders and executives get real-time visibility into how their restaurants are doing operationally.

On Zenput’s mobile app, Chipotle’s Field Leaders complete Restaurant Performance Evaluations and get insights into how their stores are performing in between store visits, saving them time while improving their ability to identify issues or opportunities for improvement.

Managers at each store can also fill out evaluations to verify that proper procedures are always executed, and report restaurant performance up to their district managers. This way, everyone is in the loop about critical areas of the restaurant’s operations.

Chipotle’s new way of evaluating restaurants is credited with improving team execution across the entire operation. Boatwright shares, “You can’t do what we do at scale if not for delivering on Operations Execution at a very high level, and our partnership with Zenput has helped us do that.”

Check out the OpsX in Action with Chipotle video here!

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