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Automated and accurate food preparation labeling

Manual labeling processes create food safety risks

Food preparation labeling in restaurants and other foodservice industries is a critical aspect of food safety. But it’s easy to mislabel products, write down incorrect expiration dates, or make other mistakes that introduce potential threats that can put your organization, and customers, at risk.

Improving the safety and execution of food prep labeling

Foodservice operators use Zenput Labels to automate critical steps in the food labeling process, including product identification, calculation of expiration dates, and more to better ensure that food is labeled accurately, save employees time, and improve food safety compliance.

Centrally managed, cloud-based ingredient lists

Centrally managed, cloud-based ingredient lists

From the Zenput Labels mobile app, store employees select from a predefined list of products and ingredients to print food prep labels, ensuring items are identified correctly.


Automatic expiration date calculations

Expiration dates are automatically calculated based on the product selection and the current date and time, mitigating the chances of serving expired food and other risks.

Automatic expiration date calculations
Bulk and individual label printing

Bulk and individual label printing

Whether you’re printing labels for multiple products at once or printing single labels for one ingredient, the Zenput Labels app makes it easy to print in bulk or individually. 

Reporting and data about printed labels

Reporting in the Zenput Labels dashboard shows operations leaders whether labeling is being done correctly and on time, with data showing labels printed by day/time, location, ingredient, and more.

Reporting and data about printed labels

Part of the Zenput Connected Store

Boost team productivity and the quality of execution through automation and connected IoT devices.

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The Zenput Connected Store is a suite of IoT device solutions that connect to our core operations execution platform, including:

Zenput on desktop, tablet, mobile, sensors, gateway, temperature probe

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