Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program really free?
Yes! This program, which runs through the end of August 2020, is completely free with no strings attached.

Do I need to sign a contract?
To take advantage of the free program, no contract is required. When you fill-out the program “Sign Up” form, you are just agreeing to our online Terms & Conditions.

We’ve designed very specific COVID-19 processes for our field and store teams to follow. Will it be easy to build these into Zenput?
Yes! Our prebuilt COVID-19 checklists are fully customizable and our form builder makes it easy to map Zenput to your specific processes. Our support team will build-out your processes in Zenput within 24 hours of signing up.

Who else is using Zenput to support COVID-19 response?
Many of our current customers, which include top operators managing 40K locations across 35+ countries, are using Zenput to implement their COVID-19 action plans, in addition to a range of other procedures and initiatives (e.g., foods safety protocols, brand standards, LTOs).

Who on my team will have access to Zenput?
Your store employees, your field teams (area managers, regional directors), and your home office (e.g., operations, training, HR).

How will my field and store teams access Zenput?
All Zenput forms are accessible on the Zenput mobile application, which is available on all Apple (iOS), Android, and Windows mobile devices (phone or tablet).

How long will it take to get set-up in Zenput?
We can get most operators up and running with Zenput in just 1-2 hours. For larger, more complex operations, it may take longer.

What information and resources will be required to set this up?
All we need is basic information about your users (e.g., names, emails, roles) and stores (e.g., addresses, names, regions/districts). Your stores and field users will need access to a mobile device (iOS, Android, or Windows; mobile phone or tablet). You will also need WiFi or a cellular connection at your stores for the forms to submit to our servers.

Is any training required?
The Zenput mobile application is intuitive and easy-to-use, so users can start using it in just minutes. We also provide quick-start guides that you can use to quickly orient your team, and can provide additional training support on request.

Does my IT team need to get involved?
Probably not. Zenput is cloud-based software that runs on the web, and the Zenput mobile app can be downloaded directly from the app stores (iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile). If your mobile devices are managed with an MDM or are otherwise locked down, you may need your IT team’s help to download the Zenput mobile app onto your devices.

Will we be able to see which stores are complying with the processes that we roll-out in Zenput?
Yes. Your management team at the district, regional, and corporate level will be able to track completion of critical procedures and get visibility into how each location is performing against them. And when issues at the stores are discovered, the appropriate people are automatically notified.

What will happen when the program expires at the end of August 2020?
The Zenput team will notify you ahead of time before the free program ends. At that time, if you want to continue using Zenput, you’ll have the opportunity to transition to a standard paid subscription.

How do I learn more about Zenput’s range of capabilities?
Zenput automates how operating procedures and key initiatives are rolled out, tracked, and enforced, for anything from Brand Standards and Food Safety, to Marketing Promotions and HR initiatives. Want to learn more about Zenput? Visit us at or shoot us an email at