Zenput for Consumer Packaged Goods

Packaging Your Operations, All Into One Platform

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Clothing
  • Household Products

Zenput is in 4,500 retail stores worldwide

Zenput enables Consumer Packaged Goods companies to get visibility into their operations across every location by giving its field managers and executives the ability to:

  • Assign and manage tasks
  • Track problems and confirm their resolution
  • Analyze store data for a better understanding of performance
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Brand influence is an area where Zenput has impacted our business the most…[it] gives us better visibility into our execution by channel and allows us to see where we have more opportunity to grow.”

Beeland Nielsen
Director, Commercial Leadership—Retail, Coca Cola Bottling Company United

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Store Compliance

It was hard to verify whether stores were adhering to the pre-arranged agreements and planograms.

Zenput’s platform allows both CPG’s and their customers to get real-time data from the field, analyze it, and take necessary action when problems surface.

  • Employees can attach pictures and videos to document and verify data
  • Submissions are GPS and time-stamped
  • Tasks can be completed offline and automatically submitted once the phone reconnects to a cellular network
store compliance

Seeking New Opportunities

cpg opportunities

We had no way of finding out if we were making the right decisions about our operations.

The Zenput platforms exposes inefficiencies and exceptions in the way CPG’s operate their business, and allows them to adapt to the constantly changing needs of their consumers. With deeper insights into out-of-stock (OOS) products, a CPG can seek new opportunities by changing delivery schedules, buying more shelf space, or changing prices to adapt to changing conditions.

  • Product surveys can expose product shortages and immediately notify senior management so that the appropriate changes can be made.
  • Equipment verification audits ensure that equipment ranging from the delivery fleet to vending equipment is in proper working order.
  • Be made aware of and gain the ability to manage exceptions in every store, as they occur.

Ease of adoption

Paper forms and manual reports are inefficient and too complicated for an expanding CPG operation.

Zenput’s platform is easy to integrate into any CPG business, does not require any IT or technical support, requires very little training for users, and can be up-and-running in just days.



location reporting

There is no way to track the performance of every account without spending hours on Excel punching in data and building complex dashboards.

Zenput’s web application presents aggregated data in a central dashboard so that managers can view interactive graphs and reports, pinpoint key store visits, and use advanced search functions to filter data by role, time, location, or region.

Management can:

  • Tracking where, when, and who is completing the work
  • Viewing historical submissions
  • Building custom reports

We needed a centralized solution that would capture and analyze data in ways that would improve retail execution and lead to actionable results. It was this need that ultimately led us to Zenput.”

Erik T., neuro

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Zenput Features

  • Work offline and sync later if working remotely
  • Track where, when, and who is completing work
  • View history of all activity
  • Build custom reports
  • Deliver notifications in real-time
  • BlueTherm® Bluetooth Probe Integration
  • Image and video capture
  • Barcode and QR code input
  • Signature field
  • GPS location data and mapping with timestamp
  • Available on iOS, Android, and mobile web