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Zenput makes it easy to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with operating procedures and key initiatives. At the core, we’re helping operations leaders collaborate more effectively with employees in the field and their stores to create better customer experiences and improve store performance.

The Zenput Platform


Brand Standards

Ensure a consistent customer experience

Food Safety

Drive compliance to steer clear of incidents

Marketing & Merchandising

Improve marketing execution and results

Other Key Processes

Support all processes key to running your operation

Task Management

Prompt the right actions every day

Audits & Corrective Action

Know what’s happening in every store

Incident Management & Mitigation

Empower your employees to take action

Operational Intelligence

Explore trends and identify issues and opportunities


Whether you’re looking to maintain high brand standards, ensure food safety, or make a big impact with your next promotion or merchandising initiative, Zenput makes it easy to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with all of the processes that are critical to operating your stores.

Zenput puts these capabilities in the hands of everyone responsible for store success

Task Management

Whether it’s a one-time product roll-out, a monthly quality audit, or a daily opening checklist, schedule all the tasks that need to get done. Provide your stores the prescriptive guidance they need to operate smoothly, stay ahead of quality issues, and deliver great experience for customers.

Audits & Corrective Action

Get real-time visibility into task completion rates, cross-store performance, and prevent issues from slipping through the cracks with automated follow-up tasks and resolution monitoring. Effectively audit your stores to create accountability and maintain high standards.

Incident Management & Mitigation

Gather real-time information about incidents from employees out in the field, automate notifications to alert management, and track resolution. Empower your team by providing an easy way to capture photos and send reports through their mobile device.

Operational Intelligence

Evolve your strategy and make informed decisions by analyzing employee, store, or team performance to identify strong performers and uncover potential areas for improvement. Explore trends to surface issues that require intervention.

Here’s why Zenput is uniquely positioned to help you make great customer experiences happen

Supports all of your processes

A single platform to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with all of the processes that are critical to running your operation, not just some of them.

A complete picture, from the field to your stores

A holistic view of what’s happening in the field and across your stores so you’re in position to quickly diagnose problems and make better decisions.

Really easy to use

Your employees will love Zenput because it was built for the way work happens in the field and your stores. They’ll just pick up their mobile device and go!

Enterprise scale and security

The platform was designed to scale up to support even the largest retail chain store operations.