Audits & Corrective Action

Build. Automate. Fix.

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Effectively audit your stores to create accountability and maintain high standards. Get real-time visibility into task completion rates, cross-store performance, and prevent issues from slipping through the cracks with automated follow-up tasks and resolution monitoring.

Build Fully-Customizable Audits in Minutes

form builder

Form Builder

Fully customize and configure your audits on Zenput’s easy-to-use form builder. Select from over 20 field types, including Yes/No, Ratings, Temperature, Photos, and more.

Advanced Scoring

Utilize advanced scoring for custom fields such as temperature ranges, waiting times, ratings, and more.

Schedule Audits

Keep your employees on track with recurring audits that notify them when they have work to complete.

Prevent Issues from Slipping Through The Cracks

Mobile Screenshots

Automated Tasks

Automatically assign corrective actions to fix problems uncovered on an audit.

Track Resolutions

Track corrective actions to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Identify Repeating Problems

Identity reoccurring issues during an audit by seeing previous answers to questions.

Make sure improvements are happening


Immediately inform managers of unsatisfactory audit results or uncovered issues via email or mobile push notification.

Historical Submissions

View historical submissions and track your stores’ performance on audits over time to identify whether they are improving or not on their audits