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Zenput’s mobile application gives you real-time information from your employees in the field. Managers receive unprecedented insights into their team's tasks and performance, making it easier than ever to oversee their employees and stores.

Give Managers the Oversight They Need

Tracking Work

Managers can track their team’s execution and performance in real time right from their mobile device.

Activity Feed

With the activity feed, managers can see what work has already been completed.

Historical Work

Managers can view all past work previously assigned to their team(s).

Enterprise-Ready Mobile Capabilities

Online, Offline, Anywhere

Even when offline, employees can complete work on their mobile devices and sync it when the device gets connectivity.


The Zenput mobile app supports English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Portuguese.


Images taken via the Zenput app are not stored locally on the user’s device.

Data Usage Optimization

In order to minimize mobile data usage, images are compressed, without compromising original image quality.

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