Zenput Adds Real-Time Exception Reports and Alerts

This latest innovation from Zenput immediately notifies retailers of problems that affect their bottom line.

SAN FRANCISCO — Nov. 20 2014 — Zenput, an innovator in mobile retail software, today announced the addition of real-time exception reports and alerts that help companies maximize their revenue.

With real-time notifications, retail leaders no longer have to wait for a weekly sales report to learn from store data. Team members use Zenput’s mobile data collection platform to immediately notify executives of exceptions, from new product rollouts to maintenance issues. Well-organized, easy-to-read data and better internal communication leads to improved retail operations.

“Zenput has given our customers the ability to gain insights into the ongoing operations of their business that they previously never had,” said Vladik Rikhter, CEO and co-founder. “With the addition of real-time exception reports and alerts, they are able to cut through the clutter and focus only on the issues that affect their bottom line.”

Ultimately, this real-time notification system allows retailers to be proactive -- instead of reactive -- about their sales numbers. Learn more and request a free demo at www.zenput.com/demo.

About Zenput

Zenput is a San Francisco-based provider of mobile enterprise software. Since 2012, Zenput has helped retailers capture data from employees at the store level in real time via their smartphones and tablets. Zenput allows retailers to make decisions faster and discover revenue opportunity. For additional information, call (800) 537-0227 or visit www.zenput.com.

Media Contact

Vladik Rikhter
CEO and co-founder
(415) 968-6839
vladik (at) zenput (dot) com