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Whether it’s a broken oven or a customer injury, Zenput lets you gather real-time information about incidents from your employees out in the field, automate notifications to keep management aware of incidents, and analyze results to identify trends and uncover areas for improvement.

Find Out What Happened, When it Happens

Create tasks

Incident Forms

Grant your employees 24/7 access to incident forms and gather real-time information and documentation about incidents in the field.


Aggregate important evidence such as photos, videos, date/time, location, etc.

The Fastest Way to Address and Resolve Incidents

Mobile Screenshots

Keep Your Team Informed

Automatically route incidents to the right people, sending them real-time notifications to their mobile device or email.

Historical Records

Retain historical records to easily reference past incidents or uncover trends.

Keep Information Confidential and Secure

Use Cases

Use Incident Reports to document Customer Injuries, Employee Warnings, Robberies, Oil Spills and more.

Secure Sensitive Information

Make sure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is only viewable by selected individuals in your company.


All form data is encrypted in-transmission and at-rest using AES 256.