Customer Stories

OpsX in Action

Timewise customer story


Timewise uses Zenput to achieve operational excellence at their 240 c-stores.

Chipotle customer story

Operations Execution in Action with Chipotle

Learn how Chipotle uses Zenput to improve operations across 2,600 restaurants.

RPM, Domino's Customer story

Operations Execution in Action with RPM Pizza

Domino's largest U.S. franchisee uses Zenput to improve operations across 180+ locations.

RPM, Domino's Customer story

Zenput Labels with RPM Pizza

Domino's franchisee uses Zenput Labels to automate their food prep labeling.

Video Testimonials

Ricky Brown, Operations Manager

Ricky Brown

Operations Manager
How Zenput is helping KFC improve it's product quality by decreasing chicken quality failures.

Andy Scoggins, Mapco

Andy Scoggins

Vice President of Marketing, Food & Beverage
How Zenput is helping Mapco to roll out new programs and increase store compliance.

Raymond Cavozos, E-Z Mart

Raymond Cavozos

Food Service Director
How E-Z Mart is using Zenput to know what’s happening in every store.

Murat Tokad, Huck's

Murat Tokad

Executive Vice President
How Hucks is using Zenput to set up field managers and store managers for success.

Fernando Fernandez, PUMA Energy

Fernando Fernandez

Regional IS Coordinator LATAM
How Zenput is helping Puma to give their people in the field time back.

Fernando Fernandez, PUMA Energy

Fernando Fernandez - ES

Regional IS Coordinator LATAM
Cómo Zenput está ayudando a Puma para devolverles tiempo en el campo.

Case Studies

Domino's Case Study


Find out how Chipotle improves operations and team execution across their 2,600 locations to deliver more consistent customer experiences.

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Domino's Case Study

RPM Pizza

Learn how RPM Pizza, the largest Domino's franchisee, creates a consistent customer experience across all their locations.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Case Study

Diversified Restaurant Holdings

Learn how DRH, a Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee, created greater consistency across their stores and increased QSC scores by >5%.

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Timewise Case Study


Convenience store operator Timewise uses Zenput to centralize all of its operational procedures, gain actionable insights into store performance, and create great customer experiences at each of their 200+ stores.

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Hardee's Case Study

Westar Group

Find out how Hardee’s Franchisee, Westar, increases accountability across its operations.

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Qdoba's Case Study

Roaring Fork

Zenput enables Qdoba franchisee to raise bar on food safety compliance, improved visibility into stores, and higher quality of work.

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Talize's Case Study


Canadian thrift store chain Talize uses Zenput to improve stores’ compliances with new initiatives and ensure that the entire network of stores operates consistently.

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Hardee's Case Study

Phase Three Star

Find out how Hardee's Franchisee, Phase Three Star, improved the efficiency of their entire organization with Zenput.

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KFC Franchisee

KFC creates a consistent customer experience across locations and sees a 88% decrease in chicken quality failures.

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Papa John's logo

JNE Inc.

Learn how JNE Inc., a Papa John's franchisee with 22 stores uses Zenput to receive real-time data from their employees.

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Domino's Case Study

RPM Pizza - Labels

Learn how the largest Domino's franchise achieves consistency and accuracy in their food prep labeling with Zenput Labels.

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Mapco Logo


Learn How Mapco Maximizes Visibility and Store Intelligence

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Juici Patties Case Study

Juici Patties

Juici Patties uses Zenput across their entire business, from their corporate stores to franchisees to suppliers, to improve their operations and create great customer experiences.

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