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Take Control of Food Safety

Your customers expect a safe meal in a clean environment. Failure to provide this opens a Pandora’s Box of legal and PR issues. Food safety incidents cost retailers upwards of $10 billion annually. A well-publicized incident in a single store can damage sales at all locations for years. That’s why leading brands make customer health the top priority. Use Zenput to drive strict compliance with food safety procedures and respond to issues faster to steer clear of store incidents that can damage your brand and impact the bottom line.

We use Zenput for health and safety checklists three times a day. A spinoff of that is our chicken looks and tastes better because cooks now submit photos -- they want to show off perfect products.”

Ricky Brown
Operations Manager, KFC Franchisee

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Simplify Safety Measures

Empower Your Team

Get your stores running smoothly by providing them with opening/closing procedures, audit forms, line checks, quality assurance instructions -- everything they need to stay on top of safety.

Gather Information Securely

Gather images from your store. The photos are securely transmitted via Zenput so you don’t have to worry about sensitive materials getting leaked.

Understand Historical Trends

Zenput’s dashboard makes it easy to uncover weaknesses that require intervention and/or training before they become widespread safety issues.

Food Prep Integrations

Zenput’s easy-to-use food prep label printer is an automated and hassle-free way for your store employees to print critical dates at every step of the food preparation process.

We partnered with Zenput to drive consistent execution from our operations team by gaining insights into our day-to-day operations.”

John Richards
COO, Domino’s Franchisee

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Make Continual Improvements

Save Time on Implementation

Food safety is too important to rely on outdated methods of communication. Zenput lets you instantly share food safety guides, baseline audits and checklists.

Manage Risk

Native integrations with thermometers and food label printers as well as instant notifications make it easy for operators to uncover critical issues that demand immediate attention.

Increase Compliance

Zenput automates the resolution of critical issues. When products are recalled or expired, this triggers a workflow; your team receives directions and checklists to ensure swift execution.

The Zeput Connected Store

Zenput automates critical tasks and boosts staff efficiency with solutions for IoT devices including temperature sensors, label printers, and bluetooth thermometers.

Connected store diagram

Hardware Integrations

Zenput Labeles - Tablet and Printer

Zenput Labels

Zenput’s easy-to-use food prep label printer is an automated and hassle-free way for your store employees to print critical dates at every step of the food preparation process.

Zenput app with sensor data

Zenput Temp Monitoring

Ensure food safety and save employees time with automated temperature monitoring and alerts. Track the temperatures of equipment sensors placed in walk-in coolers, make lines, and more.

Bluetooth Thermometer Sync

For quick and accurate food temperature checks, Bluetooth temperature probes automatically capture temperatures in Zenput forms. Compatible devices include:

  • Thermapen® Blue
  • RayTemp Blue
  • Bluetherm® One
  • Cooper Atkins- Blue2
  • TempAlert (SmartSense) probes
Hardware Probes