Loss Prevention

Increase Organizational Accountability to Reduce Shrinkage

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Used by Leading Operators Across 40,000 Locations in 35+ Countries

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Thwart Theft and Errors

Employee theft, shoplifting, and vendor/delivery mistakes cost the restaurant and convenience store industries a combined $70 billion every year. Stores are especially susceptible to shrinkage when there’s high turnover and disorganization. That’s why smart brands leverage Zenput to optimize employee training and accountability.

Zenput is our record of integrity. The accountability within our organization has increased drastically.”

Brian Veasman
VP of Operations, MAPCO

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Improve Your Vantage Point

Empower Your Team

You can’t be everywhere at once; you need to enable employees to identify weaknesses to prevent theft. Zenput makes it easy to assign training initiatives and cash audits.

Track Execution in Real-Time

Increase employee and vendor accountability. Zenput is the easiest way for you to view reports, photos and videos as they come in so you can stay on top of loss prevention.

Analyze Historical Trends

Zoom in on individual stores and team members to understand performance. Get alerted when standards fall below acceptable levels so you can intervene and curb loss.

With Zenput, we resolve issues much faster, before they impact our customers.”

Bradley Forbes
Area Coach, KFC Franchisee

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Reduce Shrink Effectively

Improve Profitability

Loss prevention programs are only as effective as their rollout. Zenput’s mobile alerts notify your team of new initiatives so you don’t have to travel to stores to micromanage every cash audit.

Track Loss Prevention Remotely

Get real-time photos and videos to better understand how your stores are running. Quickly identify errors so you can take corrective measures before they become widespread.

Resolve Issues Faster

Get alerted to stores that are repeatedly noncompliant. Uncover weaknesses early and automate their resolution using Zenput’s incident management.