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Save Time on Rollouts and Ensure Compliance

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Simplify Rollout Processes

Grabbing the attention of customers is more difficult and more important than ever. That’s why successful brands constantly update their offerings. But marketing and merchandising is only as effective as their rollout. Historically, operators relied on store visits and sales data to figure out which stores were compliant. Not anymore - Zenput takes out the guesswork.

We’ve become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to retail execution. We aren’t blindsided anymore and sales don’t suffer.”

Brian Veasman
VP of Operations, MAPCO

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Improve Your Vantage Point

Streamline Implementation

Assign work to any employee. Coordinate everything from New Year’s promotions to store remodeling - it’s shockingly easy to disseminate new initiatives.

Verify Product Rollouts

Zenput is the easiest way for your team to send photos/videos of new signage, fixtures, products and displays. Verify every store’s execution from anywhere.

Elevate Your Stores

Side by side photos of locations make it easy to identify nonconforming rollouts. Use photos from your best stores to set the bar and guide the rest.

Previously, we’d roll out a promotion, supervisors would tell us that everything was done. But days later, we’d visit a store and learn the new marketing wasn’t displayed. Zenput streamlines rollouts and saves us the hassle of follow up visits.”

Bashar Bawab
Director of Operations, Domino’s Franchisee

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Accelerate Rollouts

Improve Operations

Give your team instant access to implementation guides and checklists. Mobile notifications of new initiatives guarantee they’ll get to work faster.

Reduce Tedious Work

Eliminate the cumbersome task of faxing and scanning rollout reports. Zenput helps brands like reduce their administrative costs by up to 75 percent.

Speed Up Resolutions.

Get alerted to critical issues that demand your immediate attention. Instantly view work completion rates to uncover weaknesses before they hurt your brand image.

Increase Compliance

Pinpoint issues from your desktop or mobile device. Zenput automates corrective measures, saving you countless hours of work responding to emails and visiting stores.