Employee Spotlight - Marcus Andren

Zenput HR
Published On:
Jun 13, 2019


Name:          Marcus Andren
Job Title:      Customer Success Manager
Start Date:  February, 2018


Q: What's the best thing about your job?
MA: "A bit cliché, but all of the people that I work with on a daily basis. As a Customer Success Manager, we’re interacting with lots and lots of people both internally and externally. We need to coordinate with Sales on new customers, we need to work with Support on any technical issues that arise, and we need to pass feedback from our customers onto our Product and Engineering teams. On top of that, we’re training and working with our customers every day to make sure everything goes smoothly for them and they get the most value possible out of our platform. Luckily, we have really great colleagues internally, and we work with smart, competent, and friendly customers across the board. I like to say that in my 1.5 years at Zenput, I haven’t yet had an angry customer call - which speaks to both our product stability and the type of customer we usually work with."


Q: What's been your proudest moment working at Zenput?
MA: "Any time one of my customers refer their colleagues to check us out! Best compliment we can get in my book."


Q: What does your workspace look like?
MA: "Super messy, but decked out with all of the technology I need to do my job. I have my Zebra printer for demoing our Zenput Label Printing application, and at least one iPad for testing and training purposes. I’m anti printing, so no loose papers or anything like that on my desk. We empower our customers to digitize their operational procedures and go ‘paperless’, so I try to keep everything as digital as I can as well."


Q: What's the coolest thing you're working on right now? 
MA: "Setting up our customers with real-time temperature alerts via sensors."


Q: If you could pick one superpower, what would it be? Why?  
MA: "Teleportation - it would be great to visit all over the world without ever having to deal with the hassles of travel."


Q: What are some quirks about you? 
MA: "I’ve got plenty - I get a lot of grief from my coworkers about my strange dietary habits. I eat way too much watermelon in the summer months, and I also fold my pizza the wrong way apparently (tip to crust)."


Q: What was the first concert you ever attended? 
MA: "Bon Jovi when I was 6. ‘It’s My Life’ was my first favorite song I can remember."


Q: Where's your favorite place you've ever traveled?  
MA: "Aruba! I used to go when I was younger, and the beaches there can’t be beat. "

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