Why Customer Support is Critical to Teams’ Success with Technology

Megan Yee
Published On:
Mar 02, 2020

The businesses and people that Zenput supports come from all walks of life, places, and generations: from the not so tech-savvy store manager, to an hourly employee trying to work their way up and build a career; assistant managers trying to get through the lunch rush, or operations executives using our reporting tools to make smarter strategic decisions. The tools they use to do their jobs, whether it’s Zenput or something else, are meant to make them better at their jobs and make their lives easier. The use of technology should never add complexity or hassle to their work.

As restaurants, convenience stores, and other retail chains adopt new processes and technologies to elevate team execution across their operations, having customer success and support teams to work with them can be the difference that helps stores more successfully adopt technology and maximizes the impact and results throughout your organization.

Zenput Wins Bronze Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in Software

It’s for this reason that we’re honored to receive the Bronze Stevie® award for customer service department of the year for software (view the complete list of winners on the Stevie Awards website). Respect and empathy drive our customer service and support strategy – respecting our customers’ time and input, and empathizing with the challenges they face every day. We see support as a key ingredient in the value we create for customers, whether it’s spending minutes or hours live with a customer to resolve an issue, writing how-to articles or best practices to help individuals be more successful on their own, or listening mindfully to customer feedback and using it to influence the product roadmap with our product management and marketing teams.

Our customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores make it clear how much our customers value this kind of support as they tackle critical work day in and day out. Since July 1, 2018 we’ve achieved an average email support CSAT score of 96 percent (from over 2,000 email support requests), with a median response time of 6 minutes. We also expanded the scope of our support coverage in late 2018 and early 2019 by launching mobile chat support within our native iOS and Android applications. Since launching this expanded, free service, we’ve achieved an average chat support CSAT score of 94 percent, (from over 1,300 completed live chats), with a median response time of 1 minute and 10 seconds. With the ability to get support that quickly, our customers are able to resolve issues with an expert nearly instantly, to help them move on with their day and get back to the important work they need to do.

Sharing Our Best Practices and Expanding International Support Coverage

At Zenput we serve customers in new countries every month and rapidly innovate and evolve our product offerings to make customers more successful. While this creates new challenges as a customer support team, we’ve looked for opportunities to scale ourselves while expanding the services that we provide. In the last year and a half we accomplished this in two critical ways; by hiring international support specialists we increased our official live support hours to 6am – 12am PT, which not only increases support availability for our US customers, but also provides  expanded support for our international customers during key hours. 

We also published or updated more than 80 articles on our help center, such as our Zenput 101 onboarding guides for new customers, or more technical guidance such as how to capture temperature readings using bluetooth thermometers with forms. While making ourselves available for live phone or chat support, these how-to guides equip customers to be successful through whatever means necessary.

As multi-unit operators transform their operations with new processes and technology, those with partners that provide strategic and technical support will be most successful. We are constantly working to expand our support offering, with the goal of giving customers the help they need, whenever they need it. 

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