Hardee's Franchisee Improves Efficiencies Across Organization

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Aug 19, 2019

Phase Three Brands is a best-in-class restaurant operator with a mission to provide great food with stellar service and facilities. The company aims to implement rigorous processes to deliver its promise and puts much emphasis on employee training. Always striving to be better, Phase Three recognized that some of their key processes in operational execution could be improved, including time management, communication between team members, and follow-up/accountability.

With an outdated paper system, Phase Three Brands’ management team was spending valuable time filling out evaluations on paper and then typing that info into a computer, and they have to way to follow up on discovered issues and hold team members accountable. 

And with over 80 locations, Phase Three Brands knew they had to find a better way to manage their operational procedures.

With Zenput’s cloud-based mobile platform, Phase Three Brands has eliminated at least 1.5 hours of administrative work for District Managers each day, improved team member accountability, and gained insights and historical trends into how their stores are performing over time.

“Zenput provided a more organized, detailed way to do checklists & evaluations and to communicate and keep information stored. It helped streamline processes that were manual or cumbersome and made them a lot easier.”

Pete Bedzyk, COO, Phase Three Brands

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