Hardee's Franchisee Increases Accountability Across Organization

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Aug 27, 2019

With the mission of elevating the competitiveness of the Hardee’s brand to the number one hamburger chain in the Iowa/Nebraska region, Westar Group has to maintain operational excellence at its stores. In the restaurant industry, this means raising the bar in both quality and service and creating great and consistent customer experiences at every one of their locations.

That’s why Westar uses Zenput to ensure compliance on critical operational procedures. Managers can communicate critical work that needs to get done at the stores, track and verify the execution of that work, and ensure issues discovered at the stores are resolved in a timely manner.

With Zenput’s cloud-based and mobile platform, managers no longer have to distribute and collect paper forms, manually file forms and organize findings, and spend time over emails, phone calls, and text messages following up to ensure the resolution of issues.

Now, Westar’s management team has proof that things that need to be done are getting done, and they know that there’s operational consistency across all their locations. 

“Before Zenput, we were hoping the stores sent their daily inventory information, hoping they were doing the accurate counts, and hoping they were sending the discrepancy reports. Now with Zenput, we have proof that these things are happening.”- Cindy Kelchen, District Manager & Training Manager.

Want to learn more about the partnership between Westar and Zenput? Read the full case study here!

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