How to use Zenput (for Free) to Roll Out Your COVID-19 Action Plans

Pete Schott
Published On:
Mar 27, 2020

Restaurants and other foodservice operators have spent the last three-plus weeks updating store processes, pivoting their day-to-day operational strategies, and doing anything else needed to navigate the increasing risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and adapt their businesses accordingly. Making sense of what to do next is challenging enough, but for multi-unit operators there’s the issue of rolling out new strategies and equipping staff with the right guidance as fast as possible across dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations. 

This is why Zenput is now offering multi-unit operators free access to Zenput through June 30, 2020 to deploy their COVID-19 action plans. This includes pre-built COVID-19 checklists, task management and alerts, compliance tracking, and more. Sign up for the free program here or read below for more about how operators are responding today, tools you can use today, and how Zenput can help.


Webinar: Using Zenput to Roll Out COVID-19 Action Plans


Creating Coronavirus/COVID-19 Checklists

After working with several customers to create and deploy checklists across their operation in response to the coronavirus outbreak, we decided to build our own checklist templates and make them available to anyone whether or not they use Zenput. The checklist templates below can be downloaded as a pdf, or if you sign up for or free COVID-19 program you’ll have them available in your account instantly.


  • [Zenput Template] Coronavirus/COVID-19 Store Sanitation Checklist. This is a cleaning checklist that includes all common physical touchpoints including customer facing areas, restrooms, kitchen, and more. Within Zenput, this checklist is intended to be assigned to all or specific stores on a daily or multiple-times daily basis. Download PDF Checklist


  • [Zenput Template] Coronavirus/COVID-19 Employee Screening & Incident Report Checklist. This form is for use with your employees as a health check before they start their shift, and/or as a report to submit when an employee is showing symptoms of being sick and documenting the action taken (e.g. sent them home). When used in Zenput the form can be made available to all users so that it may be accessed anytime from the My Forms section of the mobile app and submitted as necessary. Download PDF Checklist


  • [Zenput Template] Coronavirus/COVID-19 General Information Communications. This form contains general information about COVID-19 to share with your managers, such as the importance of handwashing, what to do if an employee is showing symptoms, which cleaning procedures should be carried out throughout the day, etc. This is for use as a one-time task with your stores, field managers, or any other employees, and allows ops leaders to see which stores have or haven’t read this important information. Download PDF Checklist


Deploying New Tasks and Processes as Fast as Possible

CDC guidelines and government orders are changing on a daily basis; as such restaurants and other retail operators are changing their instructions and operational processes just as fast. At minimum, operations leaders are drafting standard communications and checklists like those shared above and sharing via email, text, and any other means possible. In Zenput, operators can instantly assign out processes to all of their stores or specific locations digitally. And once a checklist or other information is submitted, field managers or ops leaders can automatically receive alerts based on the information or answers that were shared.


Tracking Compliance from Anywhere and Documenting Everything

Knowing what’s happening (or not happening) in each store location is challenging enough, but as more operators ground their field staff amidst COVID-19 safety concerns, the lack of in-person oversight and compliance tracking has become even more difficult. With our free COVID-19 program, operators gain real-time visibility into which locations have completed which tasks, which allows you to focus limited resources and support to where it’s needed most.


Whether you’re adjusting store hours and operations processes, shifting to take-out or delivery only, or adjusting your operation in other ways during this time, we hope these tools can be of use to you and we will continue doing what we can to help.

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