Improving the Quality of Execution

Megan Yee
Published On:
Jan 03, 2020

With all the changes happening in the restaurant industry today, operations leaders have a hard enough job running a multi-unit operation. While brands aim to build quality into their operations by setting brand standards to follow, individual stores often struggle to meet those expectations.

So how can operators improve efficiency while still maintaining quality?

The answer has everything to do with monitoring and making improvements against quality-focused metrics. Better scores lead to more confident staff, which in turn leads to happier customers.

Imagine if your store’s audit score went up anywhere from 5 to 10 percent or if your inspection score went from a B to an A! A strong operations execution solution can help store managers ensure proper compliance with all health and safety codes prior to audits and inspections so they can maintain high-quality scores. 

A focus on proper food safety procedures could also save businesses millions of dollars in potential foodborne illness outbreak costs (a single outbreak could range at the upper end between $1.9M for a fast food restaurant and $2.6M for a fine-dining restaurant).

Training and coaching for staff members can help increase confidence and quality of execution, as well. When your team gets the training they need, they can have the confidence to perform tasks properly and in a timely fashion. Think of how many more sales you could get with on-time participation of brand-wide promotions and limited-time offers (LTOs). 

Lastly, customers are more likely to come back if they visit a clean store with beautifully-presented food. The customer experience is crucial to maintaining your store’s online reputation. According to a BrightLocal study, 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has four or more stars. Negative reviews due to quality or customer service could greatly affect your sales. Consider measuring your customers’ experience with customer satisfaction surveys and use that data to improve year over year.

That being said, having an operations execution strategy can help immensely with improving the quality of execution across your stores. Focusing on compliance for brand standards and food safety, training for your staff, and customer satisfaction can all contribute to a successful and profitable future.

Want to learn more about measuring and maximizing operations execution at your stores? Download the Savvy Restaurant Operator’s guide here! It’s full of tips and helpful strategies on improving operations execution.

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