Increasing Team and Store Productivity

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Dec 16, 2019

With increasing labor costs, high turnover, intensifying competition, rapidly changing consumer preferences, and technological innovations, restaurant and retail leaders now, more than ever, are looking to new ways to achieve success. It’s harder to run a multi-unit operation now than it was just 5 years ago.

So what can operators do to stay ahead of the curve?

For one, they can increase the productivity of their team members.

The success of strategies that operators want to implement ultimately come down to effective execution in the field and at the store-level. Is that latest LTO actually up and running? Are the new food safety procedures being executed?

With high labor costs (43% of operators saw labor costs increase by 3-9% per year*), operators want every one of their employees to be as productive as possible and spend their time on the highest-value work.

For example, spending time flipping through different manual books and paper checklists is not an efficient way for a store manager to figure out what they need to do that day. But if tasks are organized and easy to review, employees know how to get things done efficiently and up to standard.

Being able to quickly flag and communicate issues to District Managers and the head office means that employees can quickly get the information and resources they need to resolve problems instead of spending time figuring those things out via phone calls, texts, and emails. 

Overall, a successful operations execution strategy makes it easier to build processes that enhance productivity and efficiency across the board, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on excellent customer service and a stronger vision to propel your business into the future.

Want to learn more about measuring and maximizing operations execution at your stores? Download the Savvy Restaurant Operator’s guide here! It’s full of tips and helpful strategies on improving operations execution.

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