OpsX in Action: How P.F. Chang’s Delivers Quality Food and Experiences

Dana Farese
Published On:
Feb 14, 2022

As an iconic and highly-esteemed international restaurant brand, P.F. Chang’s recognizes the importance of delivering quality food and experiences at each one of its 300+ global locations across 25 different countries. Founded on the belief that food should be made with heart and served with honor, creating consistently exceptional guest experiences is the essence of P.F. Chang’s operation. 

P.F. Chang’s entire menu is made-from-scratch, which includes hand-rolling dim sum, hand chopping and slicing all vegetables and meats, and scratch cooking every sauce. Here are a few more numbers that define the P.F. Chang’s experience:

  • Working with 100,000 bottles of Sriracha annually 
  • Honoring the 2,000-year-old tradition of wok cooking
  • Handing out over 52 million fortune cookies each year 
  • Upholding a 30-year mission celebrating life, family, and food 

For P.F. Chang's, every single wok-cooked meal, bottle of sriracha, fortune cookie, and more, served to customers must be exceptional, even as the company continues to grow. And their made-from-scratch food philosophy means that maintaining the highest levels of food quality and safety measures throughout the preparation process is critical. 

Operations Execution in Action with P.F. Chang’s

In 2019, P.F. Chang’s deployed Zenput’s operations execution platform to ensure compliance with a wide range of food safety protocols in each of its restaurants. Store employees use Zenput to perform a range of processes to ensure that food is kept at the right temperature, equipment functions properly, and food is handled, labeled, and stored correctly. 

“A couple of years ago, we were still doing paper line checks, and that’s when Zenput came into our lives. We are now seeing increases in our safety, sanitation, and quality of food. Going digital has really helped our teams to be more efficient, more effective.” - Steve Solis, VP of Culinary Operations, P.F. Chang's

Before Zenput, above-restaurant leaders had no visibility into the actual work being completed throughout the day in each restaurant. They needed the ability to identify and address potential issues earlier to ensure that product quality and guest experience didn’t suffer.

Christina Serino, Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety of P.F. Chang’s, knows the importance of having the proper checks and balances throughout the day to make sure everything is done in the safest way possible. 

“In any restaurant, food safety is the business. Zenput gives us a window into food safety operations to make sure we're doing everything the safest way possible.” - Christina Serino, Senior Director of QA and Food Safety, P.F. Chang's

P.F. Chang’s trusts Zenput to ensure all food is handled and prepared the right way to protect its customers, employees, and reputation. With Zenput, temperature readings from Bluetooth thermometers are automatically captured along with photos, tasks, and comments. If there’s a potential issue, a corrective action is immediately prompted and tracked within the system, and above-restaurant leaders can track progress in real-time.

“Zenput is helping our regional leaders focus attention where it’s needed, and we’ve been delighted with how easy it’s been for restaurant employees to use the application. Since partnering with Zenput, we have seen task completion rates go up and are looking forward to seeing the impact on audit results." - Christina Serino, Senior Director of QA and Food Safety

Watch OpsX in Action with P.F. Chang’s to see first-hand how the company maintains these high standards while also ensuring quality execution throughout its entire operation.

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