Best Practices, Innovative Ideas, & New Approaches to Help Convenience Store Operators Stay Agile

Cassie Ebinger
Published On:
Apr 07, 2021

Operating with agility has become more important than ever before. You’re continuing to innovate and invest in new ways to serve your customers and grow. Whether it’s new grab-and-go fresh foods, contactless check-out, EV charging stations, or other new initiatives, the pace of innovation is faster than ever before. At the core to hurdling market challenges as they come, and unlocking new opportunities? Agility. But, how do you quickly turn new strategies and initiatives into the right actions on the ground, across every one of your locations?

To answer this question we're bringing together a panel of experts to share ideas, new approaches, and industry best practices.The Convenience Store Agility Summit is the premier event for multi-unit convenience store operators. Taking place on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, this inaugural summit provides operations leaders from far and wide with the opportunity to network with industry experts and knowledge-share with peers within the c-store community. 

Join this free virtual gathering to keep up to date with the rapidly emerging best practices and discover actionable ideas for navigating operational challenges across every location. Registered attendees will have access to: 

  • The release of exclusive findings from a new research study, the 2021 Convenience Store Operations Report
  • A private event portal to create your own personal conference schedule and keep track of the talks you’ve booked and add them to your calendar
  • Strategies, innovations, and new approaches to today’s challenges in sessions with 12+ ops leaders including:

     Zenput Summit Speakers Headshots

  • A panel discussion to help turn new initiatives into the right actions on the ground and opportunities to unlock value for customers in a range of areas including: 
    • Last-mile services
    • Fresh food offerings & food safety
    • Loss prevention / asset management
    • HR - Risk management
    • Regulatory & compliance
    • COVID-19 protocols
    • Technology & the store of the future

Featured keynote speaker, Vladik Rhikter, Zenput CEO, shared his excitement for the event in a recent press release, “In such a challenging environment, it’s been so inspiring to see so many of the operators that we work with not only rising to the challenge but continuing to innovate and find new ways to grow.  We’re hosting this summit to bring together operations leaders across the industry to share ideas on how to better position every operator for success in the future.”

Follow #AGILITYsummit leading up to the conference as more agenda details and speaker updates are announced. Register for free to hear from some of the world’s best brands and watch the video below for a glimpse into what you can expect:


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