Bluetooth Thermometer Probe: The Next Generation of Food Safety

Vladik Rikhter
Published On:
Sep 21, 2015

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On Thursday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized the first two of seven major rules under the bipartisan FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA). The agency calls it “one of the most significant steps in decades” to prevent foodborne illness.

The rules require human and animal food facilities to develop and implement written food safety plans that indicate the possible problems that could affect the safety of their products and outline the steps the facility would take to prevent or significantly minimize the likelihood of those problems occurring. Ultimately, these rules make food companies accountable for monitoring their facilities and identifying and preventing potential hazards in their products.

The FDA’s announcement coincides with one of Zenput’s biggest announcements to date—full integration of our mobile solution with ThermoWorks’ BlueTherm Bluetooth Probe. This brand-new feature enables restaurants, franchises, and other multi-unit foodservice businesses to instantly measure and log temperature readings for all prepared foods. Much like the FDA’s rules, this preemptive solution is a way for restaurants to monitor their facilities for potential hazards.

The BlueTherm Bluetooth Probe optimizes Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) inspections in three ways:

Increases the accuracy of readings

The thermometer probe’s integration with Zenput’s mobile solution eliminates the need for food service workers or managers to manually log temperatures, guarantees an exact reading each time, and ensures customers receive quality food in accordance with HACCP regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration.

Reduces procedure time

Employees no longer waste time writing down temperature estimates. Readings with exact measurements are instantly loaded into Zenput and distributed to managers. Zenput and BlueTherm integration offers senior executives the ability to easily communicate readings, maintain a historical log to assess performance, and save temperature-taking time needed in manual processes.

Decreases the risk of cross contamination

It’s the beauty of wireless Bluetooth technology – there are no wires or cords that will drag or pick up food. There’s no need for pencil, pen or paper either. The employee simply holds their phone in one hand and the wireless BlueTherm Bluetooth Probe in the other.

From convenience stores to grocery stores, more retailers are focusing on formats that offer fresh and healthy food. With foodborne illnesses widely reported, some retailers may be hesitant to offer such options. BlueTherm integration increases retailer confidence, enabling them to focus more on customer service and menu innovation.

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