Ensuring grocery employees and customers feel safe during a public health crisis

David Mostovoy
Published On:
May 19, 2020

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, certain procedures that were already a part of grocery operations have come to the forefront of every grocery operator’s priority list. Processes around areas like store cleanliness and sanitization, employee health checks, and high-demand product availability have become central to a grocery store’s ability to keep up during this challenging time.

While the uncertainty around the virus continues, grocery stores are faced with wary customers and wary employees worried about contracting the illness. Grocery operators are doing everything they can to rise to the challenge to ensure that everyone is kept safe and feels comfortable shopping or working at their stores.

From strict execution of hourly disinfection procedures to plastic barriers between customers and cashiers to enforcement of social distancing protocols, compliance is at the core of sound safety procedures — making sure new and updated protocols are actually being executed correctly in every store.

But even executing these procedures isn’t enough. Operators also need to show employees and customers the steps they’re taking to keep them safe to build confidence in a given store as a safe workplace or shopping destination. Signs with social distancing reminders, relevant sanitization checklists posted throughout the store, and broader safety commitment declarations posted at entrances can all go a long way.

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