How to Write Questions for Store or Restaurant Audits

Vladik Rikhter
Published On:
Jul 25, 2017

I don’t usually get to answer the headline prompt in the first line of a blog post, but here it is… Dig deeper and don’t settle for the status quo. That’s the overriding philosophy of writing questions for retail audits, but now for the more practical approach: What do you actually ask on the survey and/or forms of the audit? Below is an example of how mobile solutions like Zenput are used in the retail and foodservice industries, as well as questions that are most useful for obtaining actionable insights and guides on how answers can be leveraged to improve operations.


Food safety is a real-time top priority. Don’t settle for a series of “yes”/”no” questions about important criteria like food temperature that won’t tell you much more about store conditions. Instead, have the user actually record temperatures. The appearance and taste of food is also a concern for brand consistency. Your regional manager can order the two most popular “hot” dishes and go through a series of quality tests for each. Operators can set up notifications for any time a restaurant scores a 3 or below, for example. The form can also require a photo as verification of what the field manager saw.

C-Stores & Retail

In addition to question types like Yes/No, numbers, temperature, custom formulas (addition, subtraction), etc., mobile forms can also have photo attachments, allowing the user to show management exactly what the customer sees. Photos can be used to communicate food safety issues, verify promotions, or document cleanliness issues.


Compliance is difficult when there are many deliveries along a multi-business route and many promotions to keep track of. Mobile solutions lessen the burden by streamlining information and communication, allowing senior managers to confirm that the delivery was made. Once delivery is finished, the store manager can include his/her signature to confirm delivery. Digging deeper: With the right questions and prompts, retail audits can clue you in on equipment failures, maintenance issues, staffing problems, and more. But the ability to follow up on various issues is just as critical. Zenput’s mobile solution allows restaurant and foodservice operators, as well as retailers, to uncover exceptions in real-time and create follow up tasks to resolve the problem. It then tracks those tasks to ensure that that problem was resolved. Now you’ve seen how Zenput's mobile forms can be used. This platform is designed to save you and your team valuable time, while improving your customers' experience. Have a specific question or want to see a demo of the product? Call us at (800) 537-0227 or schedule a demo.

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