OpsX Playbook Series Part 3 of 5: Marketing Promos

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Jun 06, 2019

Marketing promotions like limited time offers (LTOs) and seasonal offerings are just one of the ways restaurant operators introduce exciting new products and offers to keep things fresh.

But fewer than 1 in 3 restaurant operators describe the rollout of their new products and LTO’s as “very effective”. That’s because largely, operators used to rely on store visits and post-launch sales data to figure out which stores were compliant, but these slow and largely reactive approaches prevent restaurants from getting the most out of the significant R&D and advertising dollars invested in their promotions. By their very nature, LTOs have an expiration date, so brands must communicate and launch new initiatives to all store locations quickly in order to maximize the revenue potential of the latest promotion.

In our new Operations Execution Playbook, we explore the five core pillars of operations execution (brand standards, food safety, marketing & promos, employee training & performance, and incident management) and share winning strategies for each.

For Pillar #3, Marketing and Promotions, we get a pro tip from Mark Ansley, Director of Guest Experience at Diversified Restaurant Holdings, a Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee with over 60 locations.

“A key to successfully introducing new menu items is quickly getting a handle on exactly which stores are ready to roll it out,” Ansley said. ”By assigning tasks and sending notifications through mobile devices in the stores, we can track execution of specific tasks to ensure every store is ready to go.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the plays for Marketing and Promotions:

  1. Verify that your stores are prepared to manage increased traffic.
  2. Identify risks and plan ahead.
  3. Confirm delivery of all promotional materials and supplies and verify the correct execution of the promotion.


Download the full playbook for the detailed plays and a complete look at the four other pillars of OpsX.

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