7 Strategies to Reduce Turnover in the Foodservice Industry

Stephanie Massart
Published On:
Aug 16, 2022

With almost seven years in the fast-food industry (four of them as a manager) under my belt, I have seen hundreds of coworkers come and go. This is no surprise considering that employees in restaurants and retail do not tend to stick around for long, with about 17 percent of employees leaving their jobs each year, according to LinkedIn.

High levels of turnover are standard in the service industry, but turnover increased during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw employees leave their jobs at such high rates that it was branded “the great resignation.” Momentum in turnover is leaving many stores short-staffed and under-skilled.

Some employees leave for unavoidable reasons, like moving away for college, but more often than not, in today’s hectic climate, employees are leaving because they are mistreated (by customers, coworkers, or management), stressed out, or the job is not fulfilling their needs. 

As a Wendy's manager (since high school) and intern at Zenput, I'm operating in dual realities where I can attest to how challenging each shift can be, while also seeing the modern and innovative solutions that restaurant brands are using to address these exact challenges. These seven retention tips not only help me keep team members around longer, but ultimately make employees happier and more productive. 

Continue reading the full article, and learn the 7 tips to reduce turnover here.

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