Employee Training & Performance: The Heart of Your Operations

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Jun 19, 2019

Your employees are at the heart of shaping the customer experience and every OpsX component depends on them, whether it means enforcing food safety and brand standards or making sure a seasonal promotion goes off without a hitch. Ultimately, success for your restaurant comes down to thorough and timely communications and employee training.

And training doesn’t just benefit the restaurants. Employee training is also an investment in each employee’s own success, and with the turnover rate in the fast-food industry at 150%, training can play an important role in retaining employees.

In our new Operations Execution Playbook, we explore the five core pillars of operations execution (brand standards, food safety, marketing & promos, employee training & performance, and incident management) and share winning strategies for each.

For Pillar #4, Employee training and performance, we get a tip from Jay Gaines, VP of Operations at Domino’s franchise Cowabunga Pizza: “Coaching, teaching, and being there for the team is more important than evaluations. The evaluations come after you’ve taught them to make sure they have all the right systems in place,”

Here’s a sneak peek of the plays for Employee training and performance:

  1. When it comes to training, prioritize safety.
  2. Identify your “star” players and use them to train others who may be less experienced.
  3. Help employees understand that training is ultimately an investment in their success.

Download the full playbook for the detailed plays and a complete look at the four other pillars of OpsX.

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