Incident Management: A critical piece of the operations execution equation

David Mostovoy
Published On:
Jun 25, 2019

Incidents happen. Whether it’s a robbery, a customer slip & fall, or a food safety incident, restaurant operators can’t prevent anything from ever happening at their stores. But what restaurant operators can control is their response- quickly identifying incidents and resolving them in a timely manner is a critical part of mitigating the effect on customers and preventing future incidents.

In our new Operations Execution Playbook, we explore the five core pillars of operations execution (brand standards, food safety, marketing & promos, employee training & performance, and incident management) and share winning strategies for each.

For the last installment of this 5-part blog series, we explore Incident Management. Here’s a pro trip from Bruce Ogle, VP of Operations at JNE Inc., a Papa John’s Franchisee: Papa John’s leverages technology accessible on mobile devices to upload photos highlighting areas needing more attention, and to put a spotlight on where operations are meeting expectations. “We can quickly identify areas of concern and work towards a solution,” said Ogle. “Our managers spend more time observing, listening, and improving their store.

Here’s a sneak peek of the plays for Incident Management:

  1. Codify all processes and make employees accountable.
  2. Establish a clear workflow to alert the right individuals and track issues to resolution.
  3. Use technology to empower employees, automate tasks, and uncover trends in incident management. 


Download the full playbook for the detailed plays and a complete look at the four other pillars of OpsX.

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