[Infographic] The Value of OpsX: Zenput Customers Report Time Savings and Quality Improvements

Dana Farese
Published On:
Feb 17, 2022

When multi-unit operators want to improve their “operations execution,” they typically look to make a meaningful impact in two critical areas:

  • Labor efficiency: how can I save employees time (to focus on other high-impact activities)
  • Execution quality: where can I improve the quality of work being done in stores

With all of the tasks that store, field, and HQ employees are responsible for on a daily basis, we set out to measure how much time employees were saving on manual, administrative work that Zenput eliminates or helps them accomplish faster. We also wanted to determine the impact Zenput has on the quality of work being done in every restaurant and store.

To better understand the return that multi-unit operators achieve after implementing Zenput, and how it impacts their business, we recently surveyed our customers to gauge their return on investment. Here’s what we found.

Creating a More Efficient and Effective Workforce

With a challenging labor environment, making your workforce as efficient as possible is key to running a successful operation. At every level of a multi-unit operation, Zenput makes employees more efficient and more effective at doing their jobs. Here’s how:

  • 5+ hours saved per week by store employees
  • 8+ hours saved per week by district/regional managers
  • 2+ more stores covered by district/regional managers
  • 10+ hours saved per week by employees at headquarters
Zenput ROI

Higher Quality and Better Execution 

We also wanted to understand if, and by how much, operators who use Zenput are able to reduce compliance issues at their stores and improve external/3rd party audit scores— two critical benchmarks in assessing the quality of operations execution at stores.

Operators who use Zenput see improved quality at their stores and better execution. Here’s how:

  • 20% improvement in external / 3rd party audit scores
  • 24% reduction in compliance issues

By giving valuable time back to HQ, field, and store employees and improving the execution of critical work being done in every location, operators who use Zenput boost staff productivity and increase store performance across the operation.

Check out the complete infographic below, or download the Zenput Operations Execution Impact Report.

click image to enlarge infographic 

Zenput ROI Infograph


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