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Dana Farese
Published On:
Oct 26, 2023

Same great blog content; new destination.

We’re not good at goodbyes, so instead of saying a final farewell, we invite you to keep up with Zenput and continue learning about our solutions—now part of Crunchtime's best-in-class operations management platform—at our new home, the Crunchtime blog.

But first, let's look back at how we got here.

Zenput was founded in 2012 with a vision to make every meal, a safe meal, and a mission of helping empower our customers to drive quality execution every day, in every store. So much has changed and evolved since then—from "Gangnam Style" and the iPhone 5, we’ve come a long way, and so has the restaurant and foodservice industry. At the time, the standard was still manually driven paperwork - lots of binders, and lots of pieces of paper being manually filled out on a regular basis. Now, it’s not uncommon to see robots serving food or even coring avocados

A decade later, in mid-2022, Crunchtime acquired Zenput to form a best-of-class, restaurant operations management platform, making it the industry’s only holistic platform able to support the two key factors that drive growth in restaurants: 

  1. Delivering against your brand promise, every time, to drive consistently great experiences 
  2. Managing every location profitably by controlling food and labor costs 

This coming together of restaurant tech power players provides a one-stop-shop; a best–of–breed portfolio of solutions, and a single tech partner to support strategic operations initiatives. With the ballooning restaurant tech stack, we’re able to provide additional value through an expanded product portfolio with less disparity between systems. 

As you’ve followed along on this journey with us as a company, our blog served as a window into our dynamic culture, while providing best practices, trends, and insight into all things operations execution. We’re so proud of what we’ve built and shared with the world via our blog, and that journey is continuing on at our new homebase

By coming along with us and subscribing to the Crunchtime blog, you’ll get a wider variety of ops-focused content that you can easily share with anyone responsible for the success of your stores. We’re excited to share new information with you, while also incorporating the same great blog content you’ve come to know (and love, we hope!). 

To give you a better idea, check out some recent articles from the Crunchtime blog that are popular with other restaurant leaders:

A huge thank you to all of our blog visitors and subscribers for staying up to date with us for the past 10+ years. We hope you’ll follow along with the Crunchtime blog for more emerging trends, best practices, and industry perspectives.

We know that your top priority is to deliver a great consistent experience to the consumer, and we want to make sure that we're the backbone of it. Whether you are trying to get firm control of food and labor costs, elevate team execution across your locations, or get new hires trained up today and ready to take on new roles tomorrow, we’re committed to better-positioning every restaurant operator for future success. 

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