Zenput Customer Recognized for Cleanest Restrooms

Vladik Rikhter
Published On:
Mar 27, 2018
Congratulations to our customer, MAPCO, for having the cleanest restrooms in the state of Alabama! As reported by USA Today, this recognition came from GasBuddy, an app that, in addition to aggregating gas prices, collects reviews on gas station facilities. GasBuddy has collected nearly 1.5 million reviews of more than 140,000 gas stations and travel plazas. This level of engagement proves that customers not only care about clean facilities, but also want to share their reviews with others. With the rise of social media and mobile apps, it’s imperative that c-stores operate in real-time and respond promptly to customer concerns. As the industry approaches 2018, the fact remains that dirty restrooms can have real-time ramifications and impact on brand image. That’s why convenience store brands like MAPCO have adopted Zenput’s mobile solution to help them assign, track, and analyze work at the field and store level. Of course, maintaining clean facilities is just one component of retail execution. MAPCO uses Zenput’s nimble platform to create customized audit forms and checklists for various parts of the process. “We’ve become proactive instead of reactive on our retail execution. We aren’t blindsided anymore,” said Brian Veasman, MAPCO’s director of operations. “Our sales don’t suffer, and we can focus on the business that matters.” In the past, it would have taken MAPCO days to sort through the results of a store audit. The process of promotional execution and verification, especially for new merchandise, could even take weeks once all the data was compiled and photos of displays were sorted and cropped. In comparison, Zenput’s mobile forms are delivered in real-time through a mobile app. The nature of mobile makes it the ideal technology for c-store operations. With GPS locator and timestamp, there’s never a question over when and where the information was collected. Photos and video from the store are uploaded and attached to the form automatically. Moreover, Zenput’s platform gives management a general overview of their stores’ task activity, project progress, and recent activity. With Zenput’s reporting features, MAPCO has reported 100% compliance in as little as two days flat. Interested in moving beyond email chains, text messages and Excel spreadsheets to a centralized solution? Zenput could be the right solution for your organization. Download MAPCO’s case study to learn the specific ways the retailer has implemented this technology in day-to-day operations. Again, congrats to MAPCO and safe travels to all their customers enjoying their tidy facilities!

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