Zenput OpsX ‘21: Where Operations Leaders Come Together

Dana Farese
Published On:
Aug 23, 2021

It’s time to come together. No, not necessarily to belt out the iconic namesake Beatles tune - but by all means, feel free to let your inner karaoke star shine. But rather, it’s time to bring multi-unit operations leaders together, virtually, to improve operations execution. 

Whether operating an international restaurant brand, a multi-regional convenience store, or a nationwide grocery chain, coming together to develop a sense of community with customers, and with each other, is a common goal shared by all. It’s even our goal, too, here at Zenput, which is why we're launching our first-ever…

... Ringo, drumroll please ...
Virtual User Conference 

Zenput OpsX '21

Similar to how the brands we support focus on their customers, we're doing the same. The goal of this event is to bring current Zenput customers together to share their experience, expertise, and even network a bit. Taking place on September 22 and 23, this inaugural two-day event provides operations leaders from far and wide (across the universe) with the opportunity to network with industry experts and knowledge-share with peers. 

Join this free virtual gathering to keep up to date with the rapidly emerging best practices and discover actionable ideas for navigating operational challenges across every location. Registered attendees will gain insight into: 

  • What their peers are doing (successfully), the results they’re seeing, and how to replicate them
  • Best practices and new ideas for leveraging Zenput for different processes and workflows – from daily tasks to food safety processes to weekly audits
  • New and upcoming Zenput capabilities, and how to use new features effectively
  • Strategies, innovations, and new approaches to today’s challenges in panel sessions with ops leaders and food safety experts, including:
     speaker company logos

Learn, share and connect with Zenput customers, users, advocates, and the Zenput team to provide your feedback on the future of the platform. Register for free to hear from some of the world’s best brands, and watch the video below for a glimpse into what you can expect:

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